Preserving Your Possessions
Through Proper Planning

Leave with peace and help close the generational wealth gap for your family.

My Legacy Items, powered by our partner OneDigitalTrust Inc, serves as an: Electronic Safe Deposit Box for all of your important documents and safekeepings.

Preparing Your Last Will & Testament Has Never Been Easier Thanks to My Legacy Items.

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My Legacy Items is here to help you start planning today. Our low cost, digital service allows you to create a simple, legally valid estate plan and maintain it for life. 

Basic Plan Features


Includes option to create documents for SINGLE or both SPOUSES

Custom Plan Features

Everything in BASIC, plus:


Includes option to create documents for SINGLE or both SPOUSES

What We Offer

For Individuals

Make sure that the review of your final decisions align with the reason you worked most of your life – your family, your charitable stakeholders, or the issues that you care about. If you choose a false decision of not completing this process, you have made a decision to have all that you have worked to achieved to be controlled/decided by governmental officials. We believe as hard as of a decision as it is to make a decision, the cost to your love ones is too great not to consciously make a decision.


Our mission is to ensure that one’s departure is as peaceful as possible when it comes to your possessions.


We spend many hours of our lives working to acquire the basics of food, clothing, shelter along with other discretionary items. The verb “love” is about doing for your family what you have professed by demonstrating that they matter enough to plan.


Our final act or inaction will be how our affairs are handled when we depart. Oftentimes, the lack of a will could become the last headline in the news about us. In fact, not having a will ensure that our affairs are open to the public for review and scrutiny.

Something Everyone Needs


A Will is a legally prepared document that lists your intentions for the distribution of your assets after you pass. Regardless of the perceived value of one’s assets, every individual needs a will. We believe that this document is consistent with the values of demonstrating to your loved ones that you love them.  The platform is focused on everyday families to ensure that they have access to these tools to minimize the stress of losing a loved one.

Stay Prepared for Anything

Healthcare Directive

A Healthcare Directive is critical to share your intentions in the case you are incapacitated from a health perspective. This document helps loved ones and medical personnel carry out your wishes in a crisis.  This is especially true when you may be incapable of communicating. 

What We Offer

For Nonprofits

If you are involved with administering a non-profit, please contact us to discuss how our platform can provide these essential services to your individual clients while creating financial value for your nonprofit.  One of the fastest growing areas in the gifting space is the allocation of funds to non-profits. Our program can be a critical component to your success while deepening your relationship with your clients, and other stakeholders.


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